Fake Government Web Sites Charge Big Bucks for Bogus Info

Whatever you may think of complaints about supposedly “fake news,” there’s no arguing that fake government websites defraud consumers to the tune of millions of dollars and, in the process, often steal vital personal data while dispensing bogus information. Take the case of On Point Global, recently ordered to pay $102 million in refunds to […]

Amazon Sues Sites Over Fake Product Reviews

Amazon has filed lawsuits against two websites that it accuses of orchestrating fake reviews in return for money and free products. The suit charges that AppSally and Rebatest are misleading shoppers by promoting fake reviews on Amazon, eBay, Walmart and Etsy. “Fake review brokers attempt to profit by deceiving unknowing consumers and creating an unfair […]

Feds Eye ‘Money-Making Opportunities’ That Turn into Debt Traps

Everybody would like to make more money. But what look like can’t-miss opportunities from well-known companies often turn out to be money-makers for the company but not for the hapless consumers who fall for them. If this sounds like we’re talking about multilevel marketing platforms, gig jobs and for-profit colleges, you’re right. The Federal Trade […]

Scam Artists Will Renew Your Faith in Human Ingenuity

Anyone who remains dubious about evolution needs to pay heed to scam artists and their amazing ability to adapt and change their stripes at a moment’s notice. In a world beset by hurricanes, floods, fires, pandemics and winding-down wars, there is no shortage of human misery and desperate need – conditions that call forth the […]