Cheap Oximeters Removed from Online Sites after Accuracy Questioned

Amazon and eBay are among companies that removed a number of blood oxygen testing devices from their sites after the British consumer group Which? raised questions about whether the devices could be legally sold in the UK. The consumer champion found 11 out of 15 cheap pulse oximeters bought from online marketplaces failed to comply […]

Weight Watchers App Illegally Collected Kids’ Info

Many parents don’t think twice about letting their kids use apps specifically designed for children. After all, what could possibly go wrong? Unfortunately, quite a bit can go wrong. There is a fairly lengthy history of children’s apps collecting personal information, effectively spying on the kids and their families, not to mention occasional instances of […]

The Joker Returns and He’s After Your Money

The Joker virus is back, infesting various Android apps in the Google Play Store. It’s a revival of the infamous malware that, back in 2017, attacked its victims by hiding in their computer apps. Among its other nasty tricks, the virus can sign you up for online payment services and then empty your bank account. […]

FCC Building A Case Against Robocalls

The Federal Communications Commission is building a file on robocallers, in hopes of eradicating them. The agency today launched its Robocall Mitigation Database, which requires phone companies to document their efforts to stamp out illegal robocalls. After a September 28, 2021, deadline, phone companies will have to refuse traffic from voice service providers not listed […]