Does Your Homeowners Policy Cover Wildfires?

Seeing coverage of recent wildfires that swept through expensive homes in Laguna Niguel, California and elsewhere, consumers may wonder whether their homeowners insurance protects them against such disasters. The unfortunate truth is that the risk of catastrophic wildfires is growing as climate change dries out much of the West, as new suburbs push more deeply […]

Is Your Homeowners Policy Keeping Up With Inflation?

Inflation drives up the cost of everything – gas and food and also building supplies. And the robust job market drives up labor costs. Add all of that up and it may mean your homeowners policy is no longer up to the task. A new survey of more than 1,000 U.S. homeowners finds a majority […]

Home-Based Businesses Need Beefed-Up Insurance Coverage

Everybody knows the stories about Silicon Valley bazillionaires who started out working in their garage. Nice stories but setting up a business in your home isn’t as easy as shoving a desk into the guest room and hoping for the best. There’s insurance for one thing. Businesses face risks that individuals don’t and relying on […]

California Outlawing Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers, Lawn Mowers

A few years ago, the rather chic little city of Palm Springs, California, banned gas-powered leaf blowers, bringing relief to residents tired of the ear-splitting din and noxious fumes emitted by the infernal gadgets. The move was seen as the sort of thing that only a wealthy little resort town would bother with. But now […]

Consumers Largely Sought No Relief in Car Insurance Costs During the Pandemic

Millions of Americans stayed home from work, school and social outings during the pandemic, and so did their cars. But even as their cars sat idle — and therefore not likely to be involved in an accident — more than half took no action to reduce their insurance cost, a new survey finds. The J.D. […]