Electric Cars: Where’s the Juice?

With gas prices at 40-year highs and popular consciousness of the perils of global warming climate change increasing, you may be thinking it’s time to look into buying an electric car…seriously. You wouldn’t be alone. Including hybrids, sales of electric cars made up 7.2% (accounting for 5.6 million vehicles) of global car sales in the […]

California Outlawing Gas-Powered Leaf Blowers, Lawn Mowers

A few years ago, the rather chic little city of Palm Springs, California, banned gas-powered leaf blowers, bringing relief to residents tired of the ear-splitting din and noxious fumes emitted by the infernal gadgets. The move was seen as the sort of thing that only a wealthy little resort town would bother with. But now […]

Are Electric Cars Really Cheaper to Maintain than Gas?

President Biden would like for everyone to start the switch to electric cars, mostly because of the environmental benefits. But a big part of the appeal of electric vehicles (EVs) is that they’re cheaper to operate, or so most people seem to think. Consumers often assume that, although they’re more expensive to buy, an electric […]