Los funerales solían ser un asunto familiar, pero con el aumento del precio de un funeral completo y las finanzas de muchos consumidores estancadas en un punto muerto, se está llegando a un punto en el que muchas familias tienen dificultades para conseguir el dinero para financiar un funeral cuando muere un ser querido. Cada […]

GoFundMe Funerals Not Always the Answer

Funerals used to be a family affair but with the price of a full-scale funeral rising and the finances of many consumers stuck in neutral, it’s getting so that many families have a hard time coming up with the money to finance a funeral when a loved one dies. Increasingly, they’re turning to strangers for […]

California detalla los derechos de los inquilinos; ¿lo hace su estado?

Más de un tercio (34,7%) de los hogares en los Estados Unidos son alquilados, y como grupo, los inquilinos tienden a ser más jóvenes, menos blancos y de menores ingresos que los que son dueños de sus casas. También les hace susceptibles de tener disputas con los propietarios, que suelen estar mucho mejor informados sobre […]

Kids Dying Unnecessarily in Cars

Highway deaths have increased alarmingly in recent years and children are often the victims. In 2020, 607 children under age 13 were killed in motor vehicle crashes, according to Injury Facts.

Homeowners Abandoning Flood Insurance at their Peril

Flood insurance premiums have risen steadily with the rising tide of flooding linked to climate change. As a result, as many as one million homeowners may sign up for the coverage or maintain their existing policy, a report by the Federal Emergency Management Agency cautions.

Abortions Outlawed but Vasectomy Still Works

The recent Supreme Court ruling has upset family planning efforts for millions of Americans. But nothing stops men from getting a vasectomy when they and their partner want to prevent future pregnancies. Men often express horror and revulsion at the idea but the procedure is much less debilitating than childbirth and carries almost no risk […]

New Law Raises Safety Standards for Infant Cribs

Babies should be sleeping safely under terms of a new law that prohibits making or selling padded baby crib bumper pads and inclined sleeping products for infants. President Biden signed the Safe Sleep for Babies Act (H.R. 3182) into law earlier this month. It was passed unanimously in the Senate on May 3 of this […]

Does Your Homeowners Policy Cover Wildfires?

Seeing coverage of recent wildfires that swept through expensive homes in Laguna Niguel, California and elsewhere, consumers may wonder whether their homeowners insurance protects them against such disasters. The unfortunate truth is that the risk of catastrophic wildfires is growing as climate change dries out much of the West, as new suburbs push more deeply […]

Diaper Taxes in 33 States Hurting Families’ Budgets

The baby formula shortage has been getting a lot of press but the group Baby2Baby says diaper taxes are another headache facing families with infants and it’s mounting a Twitter campaign to put pressure on the 33 states that charge sales tax on diapers. “While eliminating the diaper tax is not a complete solution to […]

Is Your Homeowners Policy Keeping Up With Inflation?

Inflation drives up the cost of everything – gas and food and also building supplies. And the robust job market drives up labor costs. Add all of that up and it may mean your homeowners policy is no longer up to the task. A new survey of more than 1,000 U.S. homeowners finds a majority […]

Abortions Not Likely to be Stopped No Matter What SCOTUS Decides

Reaction to the leaked Supreme Court abortion decision draft has been predictably apocalyptic despite technology advances that may effectively render state laws ineffective. If the court does indeed scrap Roe v. Wade, states will be able to declare abortion illegal and take measures to stop it within their boundaries. But as a practical matter, will […]

Drip Sensors Can Keep Your Home High and Dry

It’s taken for granted these days that most homeowners have smoke detectors. But how many have leak detectors, also known as drip sensors? Water can do just as much damage as fire but isn’t normally top-of-mind except during harsh winter weather when homeowners worry about pipes freezing and bursting. But in fact, it doesn’t take […]

For Your Valentine, Give the Gift of Sleep

Roses are red but eyes aren’t supposed to be. If your special someone isn’t getting enough sleep, it can put a damper on your Valentine’s Day and all the other mornings when one or both of you wake up grumpy. What’s the solution? Meditation, melatonin, exercise and a nightcap may not be the ideal answer […]

New Safety Rules for Crib Mattresses

Babies are soft but their mattresses should be firm. New federal safety standards for crib mattresses are intended to do just that – provide a firm, flat sleeping surface. Softer sleeping surfaces have been linked to suffocation and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). The new rules adopted by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission apply […]

What’s the Most Dangerous Room in Your Home?

Quick – what’s the most dangerous room in your home? The kitchen? The garage? No, it’s the bathroom. More people get hurt in bathrooms than anywhere else in their homes. Not surprisingly, about two-thirds of the injuries involve slips and falls, mostly while bathing or showering, with toilets close behind. This is especially serious for […]

Green Burial Growing Slowly as an Option

It may not be a pressing concern at the moment but the question of how to handle your remains after death is one that’s starting to be considered by many environmentally aware consumers. Traditional burial in a graveyard has rather severe environmental costs. Graves take up valuable land, leak embalming chemicals and involve non-biodegradable materials […]