FDA Oversight of PFAS ‘Forever Chemicals’ in Food Packaging Essential, Report Finds

fast food wrapper

A study by the Government Accountability Office finds that better oversight of so-called forever chemicals in good packaging and production is needed but says manufacturers are not currently required to provide the Food and Drug Administration with information about such additives. U.S. Reps. Rosa DeLauro (D-CT) and Chellie Pingree (D-Maine), requested the report. “Let me […]

Sí, puedes hacer algo contra el cambio climático

Forest fire photo

A medida que la COP27 se pone en marcha en Egipto, es hora de hacer algo más que hablar del tiempo. En cuanto al clima, 2022 ya es un año para recordar. Ian, el huracán más mortífero que ha azotado Florida desde 1935 (que también ha devastado Venezuela, las Islas Caimán y Jamaica); olas de […]

FDA Taking Another Look at BPA, Most Recently Found in Sports Bras

Bisphenol A (BPA) is one of those long-lasting chemicals that’s just about everywhere — even in sports bras, according to a new study. Now, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has agreed to reconsider the chemical’s safety. The sports bra revelation came a few days ago, in a study released by the Center for Environmental […]

Keurig Misled Consumers about Recycling its K-Cups, Suit Alleges

Keurig will be brewing up $10 million to settle charges that it misled consumers about recycling the company’s K-Cup single-serve coffee pods. The little pods are everywhere these days, as consumers have gotten hooked on the ease of use and the satisfactory coffee that comes pouring out of a Keurig device in next to no […]

It’s Not a Good Time to Buy a Car

Gas prices are up, your tires are bald and you’re bored with your four-year-old gas-guzzler. It’s about to hit 60,000 miles and it just feels like the right time to ditch it and get something new. Maybe an electric car. Or at least a mild hybrid.

Electric Cars: Where’s the Juice?

With gas prices at 40-year highs and popular consciousness of the perils of global warming climate change increasing, you may be thinking it’s time to look into buying an electric car…seriously. You wouldn’t be alone. Including hybrids, sales of electric cars made up 7.2% (accounting for 5.6 million vehicles) of global car sales in the […]

Getting a Grip on Climate Change: Decarbonization for Consumers

Record-breaking heatwaves, hurricanes, forest fires, rising sea waters, flooding. Once one-time anomalies, now commonplace, and becoming worse.  Natural disasters fueled by a warming planet caused record damage and displaced millions of people according to two assessments of insurance claims in 2020. As United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres told reporters at the UN’s New York headquarters […]

California Wants to Trash Misleading Recycling Symbols

There’s something trashy about the recycling symbols you see everywhere. To put it simply, many of them are misleading or downright false. California, which has sort of taken on the role of protecting the nation’s consumers and environment, may soon require that the symbols actually mean what they imply. At present, just about anyone can […]

California Bill Would Ban PFAS in Food Packaging, Restrict Advertising

California legislators are preparing to ban PFAS, the “forever chemicals” widely found throughout the environment, in food packaging while also imposing strict rules on advertising and requiring manufacturers to disclose toxic chemicals used in cookware. The state senate voted voted Friday to pass the Safer Food Packaging and Cookware Act. It goes to Gov. Gavin […]

FDA Finds No Measurable PFAS in Processed Foods

There’s been growing concern about “forever chemicals” like PFAS in food, cosmetics and other consumer products. But a new FDA study found no measurable PFAS in a sampling of processed foods, including baby food. Another study published today, however, found the chemicals widely present in indoor air in homes, classrooms and offices. PFAS are called […]

Heat Pumps Becoming a Year-Round Solution to Heat Waves and Winter Weather

Bailey the Dog and I were sitting quietly in the family room one day in February when an odd thing happened. I realized I was sweating and Bailey was panting lightly. It being the coldest day of the year, somewhere south of 20 degrees, this didn’t seem normal. Our house in the Northern Virginia suburbs […]

Big Utilities Blackball Solar Power

Many homeowners assume that, any day now, they’ll be able to put some solar panels on their roof, thereby saving money and helping reduce the strain on the nation’s electric utility grid. But the reality is a bit different. In state after state, consumers find that a few solar panels won’t be enough to free […]

PFAS Toxins Widely Found in Cosmetics

Looking for a way to avoid exposure to toxic chemicals? You may want to think twice about slathering on lipstick, eyeliner, mascara and other common cosmetics. A new study reinforces earlier findings that a wide range of cosmetics contain “forever chemicals,” including PFAS, a group of “persistent” chemicals that the Environmental Protection Agency says can […]

Organic Food a Trade-Off Between Health and Climate

Organic foods may be better for you than the non-organic kind, but they may also be worse for the planet, according to a couple of new studies. Researchers at Johns Hopkins compared organic meat with the standard variety and found that the organic kind was less likely to be contaminated with bacteria that can make […]

Do Uber & Lyft Really Reduce Congestion?

To hear Uber and Lyft tell it, they are helping to reduce congestion and air pollution by making transportation more efficient. But are they really? A new study finds that, in fact, they are discouraging consumers from using more efficient options like public transit and logging untold miles of “deadheading” every day as drivers scurry […]

Harvard Professor Calls for Phthalates Ban

Shower curtains, boots, fingernail polish and IV tubing are just a few of the consumer products that often contain phthalates, a family of chemicals that have been shown in numerous tests to decrease the production of testosterone, possibly leading to learning, attention, and behavioral disorders in children. A Harvard professor says the chemicals have been […]