Should Big Tech Control the Car Industry?

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“Mobile Operating System” may take on new meaning Not too long ago, the Big Three meant Chrysler, Ford and General Motors. Now it means Amazon, Apple and Google, and consumer advocates say the auto industry may be the next big expansion area for Big Tech, with serious consequences for car buyers. Big Tech firms are […]

Federales: Una red de conspiradores de convertidores catalíticos es detenida en todo el país

Las fuerzas del orden federales, estatales y locales de todos los Estados Unidos han llevado a cabo hoy una operación coordinada a escala nacional de los líderes y asociados de una red nacional de ladrones, distribuidores y procesadores por su participación en conspiraciones relacionadas con convertidores catalíticos robados vendidos a una refinería de metales por […]

Pedestrian, Bicycle Deaths Hit New Highs

Traffic fatalities inched higher last year but pedestrian and bicycle deaths rose by historic amounts. In 2021, pedestrians killed jumped 13% to 7,342, the most since 1981. The number of people on bicycles who were killed rose 5% to 985, the most since at least 1980, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). […]

Kids Dying Unnecessarily in Cars

Highway deaths have increased alarmingly in recent years and children are often the victims. In 2020, 607 children under age 13 were killed in motor vehicle crashes, according to Injury Facts.

Amazon, NY Crack Down on License Plate Blockers

Amazon says it will stop selling license plate blockers in New York City. It’s part of a crackdown by Mayor Eric Adams and the NYPD on “ghost cars” that evade red-light and toll cameras.

Pedestrian Autobraking Doesn’t Do So Well at Night

It’s hard to see in the dark, and that turns out to be true not only for people but also for emergency braking systems found on many newer cars, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). The non-profit research group recently tested 23 midsize cars, SUVs and pickups and the results, while enlightening, were […]

Covid-19 Side Effect: Speeding

Drivers put the hammer down as the COVID-19 lockdown cut into traffic on the nation’s highways – and they’re showing no signs of returning to normal, a study by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) finds.

It’s Not a Good Time to Buy a Car

Gas prices are up, your tires are bald and you’re bored with your four-year-old gas-guzzler. It’s about to hit 60,000 miles and it just feels like the right time to ditch it and get something new. Maybe an electric car. Or at least a mild hybrid.

Is Premium Gas Worth the Price?

With gas prices hitting new highs and expected to continue climbing, many consumers are starting to wonder if they really need to put premium-grade gasoline in their car. The answer in most cases is no, according to AAA and other experts. If you car requires premium fuel, you should by all means continue using it. […]

Car Repair Shops Luring Customers Into Predatory Loans

A Utah bank is helping car repair shops lure customers into loans that can carry annual interest rates as high as 189%, even though such loans are illegal in many states, a report from the Stop the Debt Trap coalition warns. “Loans at 189% are illegal in most states, but TAB Bank is helping EasyPay […]

Tesla Insurance Claims Experience Will be a ‘Dream,’ Musk Pledges

Billionaire multitasker Elon Musk has been in the news for his takeover of Twitter, a little utility that is perhaps nice to have but not exactly necessary. Car insurance, on the other hand, is necessary and Musk is also setting out to reform – or perhaps, disrupt – it. As with all his plans, Musk […]

How Well Do Drivers Understand New Driver-Assistance Systems?

Human behavior has a way of thwarting safety technology, especially when it comes to the driver-assistance systems now becoming common in new cars, a AAA study finds. “You can’t fake it ‘til you make it at highway speeds. New car owners must receive training that is safe, effective, and enjoyable before they hit the road,” […]

Chicago Breaks the Limit for Speed Camera Tickets

Faster than a drag racer, Chicago has blazed a new trail in speeding violations, issuing 2.8 million speeding tickets in 2021. That’s more residents than live in all of Chicago and speed cameras get the thanks, or the blame. It all added up to $89 million in total fines last year and Chicagoans are not […]

Turning SUVs, Pickups More Likely to Hit Pedestrians

It’s not news that SUVs, pickups and other large vehicles cause more severe injuries than sedans when they hit pedestrians. Now a study finds that they’re also more likely to smash into pedestrians when turning. “It’s possible that the size, shape or location of the A-pillars that support the roof on either side of the […]

No Steering Wheel, No Problem: New Car Safety Rule

Someday there will probably be cars that don’t need drivers. So why should they have to have steering wheels, driver’s seats and so forth? A new federal rules says they shouldn’t. The 155-page rule updates the current Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards to accommodate vehicles that don’t need drivers because they have automated driving systems. […]