Four Red Flags That Signal a Scam

Trying to warn consumers about every scam is like playing Whack-A-Mole. No sooner that you spread the word about one scam two or three others pop up. Scammers are nothing if not creative. Here are four red flags that are common to most scams.

California Sues Amazon for Anticompetitive Practices

California has become the second state to sue Amazon, charging it with anticompetitive practices, saying it creates creating artificial pricing floors by barring sellers from offering their goods cheaper on other platforms.

Crypto Scams Yield $1 Billion in 18 Months

Crypto scams have taken $1 billion from consumers since January 2021, 60 times more than in 2018, with losses on track to equal or exceed in the next accounting. The $1 billion in losses were divided among about 46,000 victims, with a median loss of $2600 for each individual. The stock market has lately been […]

Loans Forgiven for Students at DeVry, Other For-Profit Schools

The U.S. Department of Education continues sifting through claims from former students at for-profit universities and is forgiving $415 million in loans owed by students at DeVry University and other schools. “The Department remains committed to giving borrowers discharges when the evidence shows their college violated the law and standards,” said U.S. Secretary of Education […]

Predatory Puppy Loans Make Consumer Groups Growl

Having a pet is expensive enough without paying exorbitant interest rates when you finance the purchase of your pup. (Of course, you should adopt not purchase but that’s another story). The problem with the puppy loans arises when consumers finance their new animal friend through the pet store. Many of these stores use EasyPay Finance […]

New Safety Rules for Crib Mattresses

Babies are soft but their mattresses should be firm. New federal safety standards for crib mattresses are intended to do just that – provide a firm, flat sleeping surface. Softer sleeping surfaces have been linked to suffocation and sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). The new rules adopted by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission apply […]